Submitting this form affirms and confirms all of the following statements to be true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

#1...You own and/or have controlling interest in any and all phone numbers provided below.

#2...You request, understand and agree that the Lewis and Clark Young Marines will send automated messages or notifications to all numbers provided as deemed necessary by the organization.

#3...You understand that at anytime you may chose to opt out by email, phone or voice mail message and that until such time that you do opt out or leave the organization automated messages will continue to be sent.

In return for your request to be added to our "robodial" (automated & pre recorded) message system, Lewis and Clark Young Marines agrees that it shall not send any telemarketing calls using the service nor sell or distribute your contact information. Telemarketing is defined as a call for the purpose of soliciting the sale of goods or services, or for the purpose of obtaining or disseminating information that may be used for the solicitation of the sale of goods or services.