YM Record Book

  1.  Proper administration is a measure of the health and well being of a unit. It is generally the first indication of whether a unit is well led and well managed. The unit commander must maintain accurate and organized administrative records of all members within the unit. The adjutant is responsible to the unit commander for all matters pertaining to the maintenance of these records. The adjutant is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the unit commander. 
  2. There are two record books established per Young Marine. The first is the hardcopy record book which is comprised of the enrollment forms the parents complete at registration and any other documentation received by the unit throughout the Young Marines time in the program. The second is the online record book which is created when you register the Young Marine Recruit with National Headquarters (YMNHQ).
  3. The Adjutants responsibilities: Maintaining and updating the Young Marine Record Book (YMRB) both in the Young Marine Database System (YMDBS) and the hardcopies, and safeguarding them.  Personal privacy and information given in confidence must never be breached. 
  4. The YMRB (hardcopy) is the property of the Young Marine and his/her parent, not the unit. In the event the Young Marine moves or transfers to another Young Marine unit, the unit commander will surrender the YMRB (hardcopy), in its entirety, to the Young Marine’s parent or legal guardian. A copy of the YMRB (hardcopy) with the most up to date database record book information must be kept for a two-year period.
  5.  Our Guiding Principles is that “…We will never forget that this program is for our youth.”

Online Record Book Access

Available to YMs on the national website:

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YMs and RAs may login to the national website


 Your password is available from the unit adjutant.